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Vancouver's newest waterfront community

Coal Harbour is part of downtown Vancouver that is home to Vancouver's newest waterfront community. Just 15 years ago it was an area of railway yards, marinas, float plane terminals and parking lots. Since then redevelopment has turned the area into one of Vancouver's most desirable urban communities. It is now mainly residential with just a few commercial enterprises that blend in well with the environment. At the present time at its eastern end construction has started on the new convention centre which is expected to be up and running for the upcoming 2010 Olympic Games to be held in Whistler and Vancouver.

The Coal Harbour land area is situated just west of the downtown core along the waterfront from Canada Place on the east to Stanley Park on the West.

Words cannot do justice to the extent of the transformation or to the spectacular nature of the end result. The following collections of photographs will indicate why Coal Harbour is so attractive. We hope you enjoy the images and find an opportunity to enjoy the seawall promenades and food options from casual to fine dining.


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Two decades of changes

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Coal Harbour
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Coal Harbour

New Convention Centre

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